Who are Infinity Initiatives?

We are a Community Interest Company, operating predominantly in the Tameside area of Greater Manchester. We support those deemed to be vulnerable and presenting with multiple needs and /or at risk of including:

-Anti Social Behaviour / Offending

-Substance Misuse

-Housing and homelessness

-Financial and debt

-Family issues

-Bereavement and loss

-Social exclusion and isolation

We assess the clients’ needs individually and prioritise on the issues causing the most harm. This holistic approach allows for an intervention at an early point which will produce better outcomes for users and take the strain off local statutory services. We will act as an advocate for our client. (Speaking to creditors, statutory agencies, housing etc)  and will also escort our clients to appointments and meetings when necessary.

We develop a long term relationship with our clients, staying in touch after ‘crisis point’ to ensure that any future issues are dealt with at the earliest opportunity.

In addition to our core business, we run a number of initiatives to support vulnerable individuals across Tameside. These initiatives are usually set up in a response to an identification of current need and the vast majority are not funded by any external sources.  To continue with these initiatives, we need to secure funding and so this is a priority for Infinity Initiatives.

We also offer a comprehensive training and development package to those wishing to work with us as a volunteer or peer mentor. This increases their future employment opportunities and social skills and contributes to both good mental and physical health.

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